Digital Proof Disclaimer

by | Mar 10, 2017

If you have chosen to sign off your artwork / design for printing by way of the approved Digital Proof then you have agreed to the following disclaimer:

I agree to proceed with the printed production of the attached artwork.

  1. I have read carefully to ensure all the text is spelled correctly.
  2. I have reviewed the layout to ensure all elements such as logos, picture, colors, icons, backgrounds are correct.
  3. I understand that what is represented visually on my screen may vary in the following ways: a. The overall size and scale of the digital artwork may vary from the final printed product. b. Colour tones, hues and richness may vary.

I understand that COPYCAT will NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any errors in spelling, grammar or layout once the customer has approved the document verbally, via email or by any other means.